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    來源:http://www.exoticburlwood.com 時間:2023-04-14

    Anticorrosive wood is a type of wood that has undergone anti-corrosion treatment. Due to its insect and anti-corrosion properties, it has gradually been applied to some of our private courtyards, not only showcasing its comfortable and natural side, but also bringing a lot of convenience to our lives. So what kind of wood is anticorrosive wood? Below, Jinan anti-corrosion wood manufacturer will answer for you:
    Advantages of anti-corrosion wood
    (1) Strong durability: Wood treated with anti-corrosion can have a lifespan of over 10 years in outdoor use, and can even reach over 50 years.
    (2) Good environmental friendliness: Anticorrosive wood is made from natural wood through chemical reactions and does not contain any harmful substances to human health and the environment.
    (3) Beautiful and generous: The surface texture of anti-corrosion wood is natural, with clear wood grains and a primitive natural beauty.
    (4) Easy to process: Anticorrosive wood can be processed with traditional woodworking tools, and can be cut, drilled, polished, etc. as needed.
    Characteristics of anti-corrosion wood
    (1) Good anti-corrosion performance: After processing, anti-corrosion wood can prevent wood from rotting, rotting, and being damaged by insects, thereby improving the service life of the wood.
    (2) Wind and rain erosion resistance: After treatment, anti-corrosion wood can maintain stable performance in extreme weather conditions and will not be affected by factors such as rain and sunlight.
    (3) Convenient processing: The material of anti-corrosion wood is relatively stable and will not crack, so it will not cause significant damage to the wood during the processing.
    (4) Environmental coordination: As the anti-corrosion wood raw materials come from environmentally friendly forest control, it also conforms to the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection.
    Application of anti-corrosion wood
    Anticorrosive wood is widely used in outdoor engineering, such as garden fences, terraces, bridges, docks, courtyards, parks, amusement parks, forest baths, hiking trails, wooden buildings, etc., due to its strong durability, environmental friendliness, aesthetics, and ease of processing. In addition, it is often used to make furniture, interior decoration, etc.
    In short, the anti-corrosion effect of anti-corrosion wood is relatively good. The sapwood of anti-corrosion wood has undergone high-pressure treatment, which can allow the agent to completely enter the interior of the tree sapwood. And the tree core of anti-corrosion wood is composed of wood glue oil, which itself contains a certain degree of anti-corrosion properties, so the tree core and sapwood of this anti-corrosion wood have anti-corrosion effects. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs http://www.exoticburlwood.com Come on!
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