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    來源:http://www.exoticburlwood.com 時間:2023-04-28

    Spring is a rainy season, and how to prevent water leakage in the octagonal pavilion on rainy days requires good waterproof treatment on the top surface of the pavilion. Below, Jinan anti-corrosion wood manufacturer will explain to you:
    1. Build a waterproof layer. Cover the top of the octagonal pavilion with a layer of waterproof materials, such as waterproof rolls, waterproof coatings, etc. This can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating into the interior of the pavilion.
    2. Adopting a sloping design. In order to allow rainwater to quickly flow away from the top of the pavilion, a sloping design can be adopted. In this design, rainwater will slide along the slope to the outside of the pavilion, while the interior of the pavilion can also enjoy better ventilation.
    3. Waterproof coating treatment. Applying a layer of waterproof coating is also a good method, which can form an effective waterproof layer to prevent rainwater from penetrating and leaving water marks and stains inside the pavilion.
    In addition, attention should be paid to anti-corrosion of octagonal pavilions. The anti-corrosion treatment varies depending on different wood types, such as masson pine and birch, which belong to tree species with poor corrosion resistance. For wood with poor corrosion resistance, preservatives need to be used for treatment when making wooden structures. Preservative wood wholesale is similar to wood of the same tree species, with sapwood being more perishable than heartwood, so tree species with a larger proportion of sapwood also have poor corrosion resistance.
    As for the maintenance of the octagonal pavilion, here are a few simple points to emphasize. For example, during maintenance, be careful not to use hard or sharp objects to scratch or damage the wood, otherwise it will not only cause trouble in maintenance, but also affect the service life of the wooden villa. In addition, when cleaning the octagonal pavilion, do not rinse it directly with large water, just wipe it with a cloth that has been wrung dry.
    In short, it is necessary to ensure the waterproof treatment of the top surface of the octagonal pavilion to ensure that it does not leak in rainy days. Multiple methods can be used for treatment. At the same time, during installation and use, attention should be paid to checking whether the waterproof layer on the top of the pavilion is normal, and aging materials should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner. For more related content, come to our website http://www.exoticburlwood.com consulting service
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